Under2 build blazingly fast websites

Fast loading websites delight people, deliver more sales and rank higher in search engines.

Our services


Understand it — We’ll work to understand your website issues and produce strategy, advice or training so they can be fixed

Design & build

Make it fast — Rebuild your site making it load fast but keeping its look and feel; or start from scratch and build a whole new experience

Hosting & maintenance

Keep it fast — High performance hosting and regular maintenance are critical to keep your site fast. We’re here for the entire journey

Site performance matters

Slow loading sites frustrate people, leaving customers with a poor first impression. As page load time increases, you'll see fewer page views and lower conversions.

Google punishes slow loading sites, especially on mobile, which means downward pressure on your SEO rankings.

Under2 are experts in building great-looking, high-performance websites that load in under 2 seconds.

Our work

Printed Editions

With over 30,000 Artworks, Printed Editions is one of the UK’s leading online Art Galleries bringing together informed collectors of fine prints and artworks with reputable galleries and dealers.

Our site rebuild increased traffic by 8%, page views by 41% and average session duration by 27%


Can we keep the same design and just make it faster? Oh and can keep it on WordPress?

We often get briefs like this and the answer is yes. Completely re-built from the ground up using WordPress as the CMS and Gatsby to create a static front-end — wexer.com is lighting fast without sacrificing great design.