Full Stack Developer

Under2 is recruiting full stack developers to join the team, with immediate start.


  • UK based remote. Currently we have people in London, Newcastle, Manchester and Brighton.
  • Outside the UK, remote placement inside the EU is a possibility based on your level of experience.

What we do

  • Under2 builds custom websites with a focus on crazy fast load times.
  • Our current trajectory involves Jamstack websites primarily centred around Sanity.io and Gatsby/React.
  • However, we don’t just build cookie-cutter websites – our future trajectory includes NextJS, 11ty or whatever else is the right fit for each project.
  • We also maintain a few git-deployed WordPress projects, built with custom code.
  • We’re sometimes tasked with creating interactive landing pages using animation libraries like Framer Motion and GSAP.
  • We love Tailwind CSS.

What you do

  • Love coding JavaScript.
  • Have interests other than coding JavaScript.
  • Respectfully question a request if there’s a provably better method.
  • Simply fulfil requests based on time, budget, client or project requirements.
  • Probably listen to coding podcasts like SyntaxFM / Shop Talk Show / Full Stack Radio.

How we work

  • As a remote team we rely on clear and regular communication.
  • We start the day with on camera stand-ups
  • We encourage adaptability, positivity and a willingness to learn over hardcore skill.
  • We have a defined set of tools and frameworks within which we create websites, but are always looking to improve them.
  • We ask each other questions, work together on solutions and google our problems just like you do.

Salary expectation

  • Negotiable based on your level of experience and the position applied for.

Contact [email protected]

No recruiters please.